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Meet the Chiropractor

My father is a veterinarian and my grandfather was an M.D. As a child, whenever I was sick, my father would just give me antibiotics and I would attribute my poor health to “germs”. I also remember believing that as a human being, I would always be battling aches/pains or illness. I never thought one could live a healthy pain free life. Boy was I wrong!

I studied pre-med/exercise science at the University of Iowa. While studying there, I managed to hurt my back while high diving (and I was not on the diving team). I was bent forward for over a week in terrible pain when my roommate, who was contemplating Chiropractic College, suggested that I see a chiropractor. I was in so much pain I was willing to try anything and I was so glad I did. I was truly amazed and it changed my life!! With just one visit I could stand upright and the pain was gone! Not only that, it lead me to my career. I felt at home in the small office/clinic environment and this profession would allow me to help others without the use of drugs and surgery. I think I knew all along that becoming an M.D. wasn’t going to be for me and after seeing the chiropractor, I found something that just felt right.

After graduating with Honors at the University of Iowa I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. I learned early on in my education that pain is only a small percentage of the entire nervous system which resides within the spinal column and that it is good to get your spine checked to free nerve interference—thus keeping you healthier. This is when I began to receive regular chiropractic care and after being plagued with sore throats year after year, I found that I was no longer getting any. I realized that a healthy spine would lead to a healthy body.

My objective with my patients is simple. I want to offer the best and most convenient chiropractic care around! I understand the value of relief care and wellness care. I have been there. We encourage questions about us and your case. I take pride in seeing patients’ health restored. I love it when patients report “no more headaches” or better yet when the school teacher who has reported chronic illness each winter doesn’t get sick after starting chiropractic care. I want to give each patient the knowledge as to how to be truly healthy but if they just want a quick adjustment we will get you in and on with your life. Patients can literally walk in for a spinal checkup! We only ask that you schedule your first visit and any future exam visits. We love to work with families…children, parents, grandparents and the mix of uncles, cousins etc. As the official chiropractor to the Kalamazoo Kings Baseball team, we also enjoy taking care of athletes so that they can continue to be active today and later in life. I have seen first hand how chiropractic can enhance one’s life and am honored to have found a profession that can truly help others!

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Kalamazoo Chiropractor | Meet the Chiropractor. Dr. Keith Messamore is a Kalamazoo Chiropractor.